The Power of Botau

Botau builds machines and makes components, ensures existing machines work like new, brainstorms with you about sustainable energy savings, and can do it all with in-house expertise. From engineering, draughting and design to full realisation. Botau Engineering & Construction was set up in 2005 and since then has gone on to become a well-known name in the world of metalworking and machine building worldwide.

Machine Building & Material Processing

At Botau we specialise in building machines and circular solutions for the most widely diverse industries. Our skilled staff will brainstorm with you and translate your ideas into the machine you are dreaming of.

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Complete Renovation Plans

Many buildings no longer match our modern and sustainable living standards. Does that describe your building too? Find out how Botau can make a complete renovation plan for you that conforms to our time.

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Re-Tool or New Machine?

A new machine is often not the smartest solution. We are happy to work closely with you on finding ways to improve, modify or ‘green’ your machine park for the future in the most innovative, efficient and safe way possible.

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Your business smart and sustainable

Are you currently making the transition to a circular economy? Want to stand out from the competition and make your business more efficient? Botau offers sustainable solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

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We want to make a contribution to our customers’ effective work processes with our technical know-how. Botau also takes into consideration the current demand for sustainability by developing and realising innovative projects.

How does sustainability apply to your business? Make an appointment with us!

Selection of recent Projects

From large-scale engineering and construction projects in Europe, to disaster relief projects in Africa and the Middle East and much more.

Interested in one of our solutions?