Light Steel Frame Design

Botau International and its partners have one of the most advanced integrated building solutions of the 21st century. This building system complies with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System for environmentally sustainable construction.

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Our company believes that everyone (including second and third world inhabitants) is worthy of the same living standards that the most developed nations in the world desire for themselves. Our objective, therefore, is to make the highest quality buildings (representative of future global standards), accessible and affordable to emerging markets.

LSF-technology in our designs

The light steel frame building system is entirely based on dry construction except for the foundation that is mostly based on concrete. This is a more cost effective alternative (energy efficient) building system to the ICF. This system could be used to propel a housing industrialization of stable quality.

This LSF building technique is popular for:

• Its high level of efficiency and precision (due to the prefabrication technique)
• High degree of industrialization (can be used for mass fabrication & construction)
• High quality standard (due to high structural stability)
• Energy efficiency (easy to maintain desired temperature; floor, roof & walls are insulated)
• Short construction period (less than 30% building time than the block method)
• User & environmental friendliness (easy to assemble, less pollution & 100% recyclable)
• Light dead load (less foundation & logistic requirements due to its light weight)
• Overall cost effectiveness
Below is a technical depiction & description of main aspects of the light steel frame building system

Light Steel Frame Design

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