Environmental friendly

The waterjet cutting technology provides an environmentally friendly option for automated cutting of raw materials and machine parts. Waterjet cutting is also an accurate and efficient way to produce various complex shapes.

This technology has specific advantages in comparison to other cutting processes such as:

  • Minimizing the effects of heat;
  • Avoiding deformation in the cutting area;
  • High precision up to 0.03 mm;
  • Suitable for all materials and fine contours;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Flexible production;
  • Optimal material utilization.


By means of pure high-pressure cutting waterjet, we can cut textiles, elastomers, fibrous materials, plastics, paper, and thermoplastic materials. In order to cut hard and compact materials such as metal, granite, glass and ceramic, we apply the abrasive jet. With our 3515 NC machine, we can produce materials to dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm.

Environmental friendly

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