Facade Engineering

The facade is the most visible part of a building and is made of different materials and components such as stone, glass, wood, aluminum, steel and composite. From architectural point of view, the facade represents the aesthetic character of a building. The facade system has an impact on energy consumption and provides weather resistance and thermal, acoustic insulation. Therefore, material selection, engineering and implementation are key elements of a facade engineering project.

Botau has extensive experience in the field of facade engineering. With our interdisciplinary approach, we can design innovative and energy-efficient facade systems for you. Our engineers and experts work with various 2D and 3D programs and can supervise the entire process of the project, from design to delivery.

Our services consist of:

  • Conceptual and preliminary design;
  • Detailed design and engineering;
  • Complete engineering and production preparation;
  • Construction and installation consultancy;
  • Energy consultancy and material selection.

Want to find out what our building advice could mean for your business? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Deimond Nasiri
Director Construction
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Facade Engineering