Portable Building Solutions


Want to realise a building project in an area where there is little or no infrastructure? Yes, you can, with our Completely Portable Factory. This completely moveable construction factory enables us to realise building projects when it is difficult or cannot be done with conventional building methods.

Safety, sustainability and technical lifetime, construction speed, time to completion, and project and material expenses are important parameters to keep in mind when choosing the best construction methods. You will have to set your priorities according to your needs.

In remote areas or in emergency situations where there are different environmental restrictions, potential hazards and no logistical infrastructure, another approach is required, and sometimes conventional building methods are not even feasible.


With our Completely Portable Factory, we can provide a turn-key portable solution. You can choose these innovative solutions when setting up emergency assistance for natural disasters, rebuilding areas for humanitarian projects, or for industrial projects in the offshore, oil and gas industries in remote regions.

Want to find out what our portable building solutions could mean for your business? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Deimond Nasiri
Director Construction
+31182 638354

Portable Building Solutions