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Botau invents and offers advice

Are you looking for a partner who could assist you with developing sustainable and innovative projects? Our team consists of highly skilled and dedicated engineers, designers, technical experts and consultants. We are happy to offer you our services, which cover all phases of an engineering project: from problem definition, conceptual design to construction, installation, and commissioning.

Circular Engineering

Did you know that your old machine frames and outdated mechanical components could often be recycled, reused or replaced by new parts? By giving a new life to your machinery, you can mitigate your ecological footprint. Botau designs, implements and applies technical solutions to enable the transition to the circular economy.

Green Commercial Buildings

Make the right choice and install energy-efficient air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling in your buildings! With smart energy-saving measures, we can help you reduce energy consumption and energy demand of new and existing buildings.

Integrated Solar Power

We tailor our services to your needs and advise you right from the design phase. Our specialists not only install the system, but will also help you through all licensing procedures, subsidies and available technical choices.

Extra Services

Botau offers technical advice

Do you wonder how you could reduce energy consumption in your production facilities? Do you want to save money by using energy-efficient lightbulbs and heating systems and reduce your energy costs by 25% to 70%? We are happy to advise and design energy saving solutions, by which you could optimise your energy management.

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Botau explores subsidies

Make use of available government subsidies and take a big step towards zero emission production! We can guide you through permit procedures, subsidy applications and technical aspects of solar technology.

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Our Mission

We are committed to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that respond to the needs and challenges of our society.

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