Engineering & Machine building

We build machines and installations according to specific requirements. As a company that endeavors to unite professionalism and innovation, we have extensive experience in producing CE certified industrial machines and high-tech system used for different purposes and applications.

It is noteworthy that the implementation and monitoring of various stages of the process of engineering, including the design, modelling, engineering, development of electric components, assembly and installation will be fully realized by Botau.

Our added value in engineering

Botau construction and engineering offers clients móre than just a regular productsolution. Our added value on behalve of engineering and machine building are amongst:

  • Top expertise in industrial projects
  • Turn-key solutions for almost all industrial applications
  • Dutch Design, Engineering and manufacturing
  • International experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America
  • Active offices and engineering units in The Netherlands, the Middle East, Africa, and China
  • More than 25 years experience in technological innovation
  • From design to manufacturing of industrial machines
  • Quality assurance: CE-certified and European Standards (EN)
  • Highly specialized engineers and designers for tailor-made and specific solutions
  • Training units in technical support and after sales (remote monitoring)
  • Durability, sustainability, low-maintenance and efficient overhauling in engineering
  • Flexible, solid and customer-oriented approach
  • Track record in various industries, including aerospace, steel & metal industry, food industry, consumer good industry, construction & building materials industry, agriculture & horticulture, shipbuilding, offshore, chemical industry, retail and manufacturing;

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Director Engineering

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