Light Steel Frame Technology

Botau Construction leads construction projects according to innovative Light Steel Frame design. The light steel frame building system is entirely based on dry construction except for the foundation. This system could be used to propel a housing industrialization of stable quality. The LSF building system is a highly standardised concept governed by CAD/CAM software and computer application. Botau has developed one of the most advanced technologies in this industry. We use advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques in our daily operations and will be responsible for the software support and project engineering.


The LSF building technique is popular for:

  • Its high level of efficiency and precision (due to the prefabrication technique);
  • High degree of industrialization (can be used for mass fabrication & construction);
  • High quality standard (due to high structural stability);
  • Energy efficiency (easy to maintain desired temperature; floor, roof & walls are insulated);
  • Short construction period (less than 60% building time than the traditional method);
  • User & environmental friendliness (easy to assemble, less pollution & 100% recyclable);
  • Light dead load (less foundation & logistic requirements due to its light weight);
  • Overall cost effectiveness.

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Modular Building Method

LSF-technology allows us to proceed construction projects based on modular building method. The modular building is a method of construction that consists of multiple sections called modular components. These components are prefabricated sections that can be placed on the foundation. The modules can be configured on different positions. Accordingly, it is possible to construct a wide variety of houses. The modular buildings have different floor plans and facades, but are all composed of the same elements. This method of construction allows for the building to be designed for specific needs, locations and budget. Besides, the production process and the assembly process of modular construction are very simple and can be performed by local workers.