Portable Solutions

Different Construction Parameters

Each building method could be assessed in view of different construction parameters, including safety, durability and lifespan, construction speed, time, project costs, material costs. Since some of the mentioned parameters work in opposite directions (e.g. durability and material cost), it is a tough undertaking to achieve an optimum rate on each parameter concurrently. This becomes more crucial in remote locations or emergency situations, such as disaster aftermath, where lack of logistics infrastructure and other environmental limitations or risks are at stake.

Portable Solution

In order to address this challenge, our Complete Portable Factory provides a turnkey and portable solution on the basis of Light Steel Frame Technology. This approach allows us to realize construction projects, which, otherwise, cannot be realized by way of conventional building method and facilities. This complete portable construction factory enables us to realize construction projects in areas where there is no or little infrastructure. In particular, this innovative solution could be deployed for different applications, including humanitarian projects, such as Disaster Relief and Reconstruction or remote industrial projects, such as Offshore and Oil & Gas on-site construction or in remote locations.

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  • Residential housing
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Modular building
  • Remote locations
  • Accommodation facilities, transitional shelters, collective shelters, etc.


  • High reliability
  • High performance
  • High precision
  • Proven technology
  • Little maintenance
  • Easy Installation
Portable Solutions