The Future of Our Life, Planet and Business

Since 2017, Botau has been extensively investing in the development and realisation of energy saving and renewable energy projects. As part of our attempts to join nation-wide campaigns to promote renewable energy, we started to work on a number of energy saving and renewable energy projects.

Our projects include design, engineering and construction of photovoltaic systems (solar) for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In addition, we offer complete consultancy  and engineering services concerning the implementation of energy conservation measures such as efficient lighting technology and sustainability of production processes.

The results of our technical and commercial investigations show that solar technology is the most popular alternative for traditional energy sources due to its significant potentials for energy costs reduction. Moreover, incredible energy saving capacity, CO2 reduction, widespread availability and numerous possibilities for future development distinguish solar technology from other forms of renewable energy.

We would be honoured to help you with your energy and cost reduction goals for 2018.
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botaubeheerThe Future of Our Life, Planet and Business

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