Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation and Renewable Energy systems

Energy saving and utilization of renewable energy help with stabilising energy costs, decreasing carbon footprints with long-term greenhouse gas reduction, and increasing the supply of green and renewable energy for the future. The main advantages of energy saving and utilization of renewable energy are:

  • Significant lower energy cost compared to traditional energy supply systems,
  • Considerable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Applicable almost everywhere without appealing to large investments,
  • environmentally-friendly and sustainable, with the capacity for further improvements.

Our circular & energy efficient innovations

Circular Machining

At Botau, we think circular. Your old machineframes can be used and reused within our sustainable program. We replace only the parts that are obsolete.

Industrial Energy savings

By smart and custom technology and engineering, the workforce will be unburdened and production efficiency can be achieved. This results in great cost reduction!

Solar Energy integration

From A to Z, we devise, design & install your new efficient solar system. We also advice and help with licensing procedures, subsidy grants and technological possibilities!

Tailor-made Solutions

Our specialized engineers and technicians assist you with energy saving and renewable energy projects, on small and medium range and industrial usage. We offer tailor-made solutions including:

  • Detailed and general energy audit services;
  • Feasibility research and analysis;
  • Site visit and assessment;
  • Energy improvements and low-cost energy saving measures;
  • Automation services;
  • Administrative and legal official services;
  • Renewable energy equipment;
  • Complete design and installation of solar systems for residential and industrial use.

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