Overhauling and Maintenance

Botau Engineering & Construction offers an extensive overhauling and maintenance program for industrial machines and/or machinery. Within our view of sustainable innovation and business, it is key that machines are fulfiling their industrial lifespan or even exceeding it.

Prevent downtime

Regular maintenance prevents unexpected and unnecessary downtime of your machines and systems. In many cases, a machine’s overhaul is an economical substitute for a costly purchase of new machinery. Having extensive experiences in inspecting, reviewing, maintaining and overhauling of machines and installations, we are committed to assisting you in maintaining your equipment. We provide our customers with the assurance that when their piece of equipment is returned to operation, they receive the maximum value from the repair process.

Equipment repair

Equipment repair can be carried out at our company site, or on site at your location. After preparing a thorough inception, we provide you with a full report of machinery’s condition. Our complete overhaul and maintenance procedure covers the following steps:

  • Overall condition assessment;
  • Examination of all critical parts and their condition in detail;
  • List of parts to be replaced;
  • Time and cost estimation of the required work.

Overhauling expertise

Our expertise with machinery enables our engineerins to fully overhaul machines succesfully. This involves a partial or complete disassembly of the industrial machine, inspection to detect defective or worn parts and reassembly of the machine parts.

After a partial or complete overhaul, our team ensures a return to full operating level by testing and a trial-run of your machines.

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Overhauling and Maintenance