The Future of Our Life, Planet and Business

Since 2017, Botau has been extensively investing in the development and realisation of energy saving and renewable energy projects. As part of our attempts to join nation-wide campaigns to promote renewable energy, we started to work on a number of energy saving and renewable energy projects.

Light Steel Frame Design

Botau International and its partners have one of the most advanced integrated building solutions of the 21st century. This building system complies with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System for environmentally sustainable construction. Read also more on our sustainability approach!

Engineering Philosophy

Our engineering philosophy revolves around durability, sustainability, low-maintenance and efficient overhauling. Using the latest and most innovative knowledge and technology, our experts and engineers will help you with the entire process of design to manufacturing of your products and systems.

Environmental friendly

The waterjet cutting technology provides an environmentally friendly option for automated cutting of raw materials and machine parts. Waterjet cutting is also an accurate and efficient way to produce various complex shapes.