Use Botau’s latest 3D technology to cut your products!

We can cut all your materials and manufacture complex semi-finished products more efficiently and faster than ever with our new 3D water cutting machine! Read our brochure if you would like to know more!Waterjet cutting is a very efficient way to cut various materials. By taking advantage of thermodynamic properties of water, including speed and ultra-high-water pressure, our 2D and 3D waterjet cutting machines (often by adding abrasive) cut different types of materials without burning and/or deforming them. The cutting process is burr-free, and no micro-cracks or other unwanted deformations occur. With our water cutting machines, we can produce various semi-finished products for you, such as various types of metal, rubber, foam, plastics, leather, composite, (Natural) stone, tile, glass, wood, cardboard, concrete, and much more.

Water cutting technology is used in various industries and for various applications. With its newest technology, Botau can:

  • Cut various types of metal such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, steel, titanium very accurately;
  • Cut various stone-like materials such as granite, marble, ceramics to size;
  • process various plastic sheets and types of glass;
  • Edit concrete structures;
  • Manufacture various parts such as composite panels, dashboards and bumpers.

Here you can see some of the advantages that 3D water cutting has for you:

  • It can cut very complex and detailed shapes;
  • It processes materials without undesired deformations to the structure of the materials;
  • It cuts under high water pressure (approx. 4000 bar) with very high accuracy up to 0.03 mm;
  • It minimizes the amount of waste material allowing uncut parts to be reused;
  • It is an environmentally friendly cutting technique and prevents the release of dust particles or vapor into the air. The used abrasive (abrasive) is also recycled.

Are you interested to know whether we can manufacture your semi-finished products with our water cutting technology? Feel free to contact us!

Use Botau’s latest 3D technology to cut your products!