Our Smart Solutions


Is your machine out of date? The costs of moulding a new frame are often quite high (purchase price, labour) and not environmentally friendly due to transporting the material to Asia and back (CO2 footprint).
SOLUTION: we re-tool your old frame at Botau and only replace the outmoded parts so that you can use it again ‘just like new’.

Control System

Do you wish to prevent machine failure and malfunction of electrical components?
SOLUTION: with a new control system you get greater security, lower operational voltage, and less heat generated by the controls. Defects and maintenance are more under control, and you can dial in from outside, which delivers greater production efficiency.


Do you wish to update your machine’s software? Or, do you have plans to optimise production and sales processes?
SOLUTION: with better, faster software you can link machines with ERP systems. That way you know exactly how much you have to produce in time for delivery, and you prevent unnecessary output or delays in production.

Energy Use

Are you dealing with energy-consuming operations, such as pneumatic controls, slow movements, high friction coefficients and/or heat losses?
SOLUTION: replace the hydraulic systems with servo-driven systems and gas ovens with electric machines, in combination with solar panels or wind-powered generators. And don’t use bronze bearings but frictionless linear bearings.


Are you concerned about the safety of your machine? Do you have to override switches? Do you have trouble shutting flimsy old doors, or do you have a crackly old relay that’s a fire hazard?
SOLUTION: the newest technologies are much safer and more user friendly. We are more than happy to advise you on this topic.

The Building

Are you warming your machinery with gas heaters? Do you still have the old fluorescent light armatures and traditional water system?
SOLUTION: incorporate your machine pool into the climate control system in the building, and use the roof as a rainwater collector to supply toilets and wash basins.

Malfunctioning and Maintenance

Do your machines malfunction at the worst possible moment? Do you often have to deal with parts that are out of stock or handbooks and schedules that go missing?
SOLUTION: installing digital signalling (sensors linked to data) enables timely observation of worn parts and opens delicate precision parts and documentation easily to view.


Are your outmoded machines and technologies costing you a lot of money?
SOLUTION: renew in good time. We are happy to help you think through the ideal triple P (people, planet, profit) for your business operations.

Your Personnel

Do your personnel perform heavy work on the machines? Or do they have to deal with contaminated exhaust, oil spills or repetitive actions?
SOLUTION: by making smart changes, your staff will have less stress and you will get better results

Maintenance and Revision

Regular maintenance prevents unexpected and unnecessary stoppages of your machines and systems. In many cases revision of a machine is the economical alternative to expensive purchases of new equipment. We have lots of experience in inspection, evaluation, maintenance and revision of machines and installations, and would be happy to help you in these areas.

Want to find out what our smart solutions could mean for your business? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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