Custom Solar Energy Solutions

Botau offers integrated custom solutions in solar energy, geared to your needs and budget. Our offers guarantee maximum system output for a minimum investment. Are you currently making the transition to a circular economy? Want to really stand out from the competition? Botau can offer all kinds of solutions.

Step-by-Step Plan

Our experts can offer you an integrated solar-power plan for every kind of project, set out according to the following steps:

Assessment: first assessment of your site, evaluation of the scope of the project, research available subsidies, cost-saving potential, return on investment (ROI), and energy generation possibilities.

  • Design: after the first assessment, we design a number of photovoltaic systems for you and calculate and visualise the yearly return on your solar panels.
  • Consultation: together we choose the best solar energy system for your site, geared to your wishes, needs, budget and the possibilities available.
  • Installation: we will install your solar panels, provide the construction work and optimise coordination with local and residential applications.
  • Regulations and subsidies: we can assist you with the legal and administrative end of things, such as subsidy applications and permits.
  • Monitoring: we provide real-time solar monitoring and check the system operations to ensure the best possible energy generation performance.

Would you like more information or a free quote? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Director Engineering
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Solar Energy